[Basic Information]

Net Weight 160g
Gross Weight 200g
Shelf Life 3 years
Product Origin Korea
Ingredients Chinese Cabbage, Red Pepper, Garlic, Ginger, Leek,
Salted Anchovy, Salted Shrimp, Refined Salt

[Best ingredient]

The Can Kimchi is produced by natural bedrock water which keeps Kimchi rich in lactobacillus. We only use fresh ingredient 100% cultivated in Korea.

[Feature of Can Kimchi]

The canning process which demands high degree of technology enables you to bring Kimchi anywhere you want without worry of leakage and smell. Can kimchi last for 3 years without cold storage. But, it still taste fresh and crunchy.

[Qualified facility]

Our Kimchi is made in a best qualified facility. It is manufactured under the hygienic and clean factory in accordance with ISO9001 and certificated by FDA .

[Good for…]

Can Kimchi is perfect for outdoor activities such as camping, fishing, or hiking as well as indoor.

Also, it is good for single-person household to eat as side dish every meal due to its small size of package.